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Seasons Change

Yeah, I hear what they sayin’. “Strange worms are taking their place on your family tree.” “The Cambrian explosion of animal life now seems more like a whimper,” that’s what that article in Nautilus said. Life evolved in a whole grip of directions, all type of different ways, long before the Cambrian. It’s a good […]

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The Most Haunting Scene I Can Imagine

Michelle Stone wrote me a wonderful note in response to my article, “Time’s Orphans Have Names.” Here’s what she said: My fascination with this started when, as a child growing up in Zimbabwe, I used to run and play amongst the ancient stone walls of the magnificent Zimbabwe Ruins. There is nothing more hauntingly beautiful or […]

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Time’s Orphans Have Names

A whirlwind journey into the past, guided by some of the most ancient voices on record. The world is full of orphans. Not just orphans in the literal sense — though there are millions of those — but people who are just lost. Disconnected from the rest of us, for all kinds of reasons. But we can listen and […]

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Gidi's Story: No One Hears You Shouting From the Slums of Mombasa

Gidi’s story: a tale of a man, a city, and a piece of truth. The estate where we live is not in the slums. It’s a nice middle-class neighborhood — about ten acres with a big stone wall around them, and a whole community of small shops and apartments and houses and cow-grazing patches inside, all connected […]

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