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A (Somewhat) NSFW History of Dirty Jokes

The best naughty one-liners, setups and punchlines, from the Bronze Age all the way to the 20th century. So a Sumerian walks into a bar. Doesn’t really have to be a Sumerian, actually. A guy. Any guy. Guy walks into a bar, orders a drink, tries to join in on the conversation. But none of the […]

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Across the Aegean

A tale of a time when East met West When Aristagoras, Greek sea-trader of Piraeus, first laid eyes upon the treasures amassed by his distant cousins in the Asian provinces of Lydia and Ionia, more than just his avarice was awakened. When he studied the layers of gold inlay on an earring crafted on the shores […]

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Fear and Loathing in World History

From hash-smoking Assassins to Nazis on meth, take a ride through the facts (and myths) of drugs in history. “We were somewhere around Greece, at the edge of the Iron Age, when the drugs began to take hold…” Alexander the Great probably fought his battles drunk. I say “probably” because no historical source explicitly says this — but let’s […]

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Alexander: The Great Who Wasn’t (Quite) Greek

Ayesha Talib Wissanji asked this excellent question the other day: “I always get confused about the Greeks and Macedonians in this time era. It has not become clear to me. Alexander was Macedonian, but was not he schooled by the great Greek philosophers? Did Alexander become Greek?” Heres your answer, Ayesha.

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How Real Aliens Killed Sci-Fi For Me

A tale of waking up from geek dreams to geek reality The day the ship came from the other world, Fox was bringing in the last of the fall harvest. He tossed a handful of ripe squash into one of the woven baskets that stood at intervals around his field, then stood up, cracked his back, […]

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