In the midst of all these fun articles, I’ve been working on a bigger project: a novel set in ancient Mesopotamia.

Well, maybe “novel” isn’t exactly right — it’s a collection of short stories set in the same area, all linked to each other by themes, characters, legends, and so on. Together, the stories form a narrative that reaches far back into the ancient past.

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Check out the book trailer on YouTube!

(Yeah, I know, it’s a video trailer for a book. Don’t ask me; I just work here.)

Spread the word!

While it’s not quite time for pre-orders yet, I’d love it if you chould help build momentum for the crowdfunding campaign by clicking “Follow” on the novel’s Inkshares page. It really helps a lot.

If you know anyone who likes to read about history — or anyone who likes to read about plots and intrigue and kingdoms battling for control of ancient lands — just tip them off that this book is coming, and that they’ll be able to get a print copy if they’re willing to kick in a little cash.

More news (and more fun articles) will be coming very soon — stay tuned!

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