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9 Books to Read by Age 30

These are the books that defined my 20s. Read them to become a better writer—or a more interesting person. Each of these books will teach you new ways of thinking about things you’ll face — or are now facing — in your twenties. If you’ve already read some of them back in high school, read them again now that […]

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Here There Be Dianogas

Even in Star Wars, we need dark places on the map. One particular moment in the original Star Wars trilogy has always connected with me more than all others. It’s that moment in the first act of A New Hope when Luke walks out behind his aunt’s and uncle’s farmhouse and watches the twin suns setting over […]

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The Fascination of the Abomination

Why is the human mind so eager to explore the darkness? What do we hope to learn there? I. Paradoxes of the heart Have you ever watched a movie that was so scary you couldn’t look away? For as long as I can remember — and probably longer — I’ve been intrigued by monsters. At preschool age, I had what my […]

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