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Alone in Nairobi

Night can make you feel like a stranger, even when you’re home Last night, when the power had been out for twelve hours and the sun finally set and left me in the dark, and someone knocked on my door to hand me candles, and I lit the candles and sat on the bed and listened […]

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The Revenant Is a Movie About Man

THIS CONTAINS ZERO SPOILERS. The Revenant takes place in Montana in the 1800s, but most of it could’ve happened any time since the last Ice Age, in any cold part of the earth. There’s the snow. The wind. The trees. The slow shaggy meaty animals and the quick fierce ones that bring them down. Men in heavy […]

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In Praise of Roleplay

All of us play characters. Some are truer than others. When’s the last time you threw on an outfit you’d never wear in regular life, looked into the mirror, and tried out some phrases… “You talkin’ to me?” …just to see how those words sound coming out of your mouth?

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