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Seasons Change

Yeah, I hear what they sayin’. “Strange worms are taking their place on your family tree.” “The Cambrian explosion of animal life now seems more like a whimper,” that’s what that article in Nautilus said. Life evolved in a whole grip of directions, all type of different ways, long before the Cambrian. It’s a good […]

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The Most Haunting Scene I Can Imagine

Michelle Stone wrote me a wonderful note in response to my article, “Time’s Orphans Have Names.” Here’s what she said: My fascination with this started when, as a child growing up in Zimbabwe, I used to run and play amongst the ancient stone walls of the magnificent Zimbabwe Ruins. There is nothing more hauntingly beautiful or […]

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Time’s Orphans Have Names

Greece and Rome can often feel like unbelievably ancient places. How much further from us, in time, could people possibly get? And what could such ancient people have in common with us, today? Quite a lot, as it turns out! Invite an ancient Greek or Roman writer into your mind for an afternoon. He’ll crack […]

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Gidi's Story: No One Hears You Shouting From the Slums of Mombasa

Gidi’s story: a tale of a man, a city, and a piece of truth. The estate where we live is not in the slums. It’s a nice middle-class neighborhood — about ten acres with a big stone wall around them, and a whole community of small shops and apartments and houses and cow-grazing patches inside, all connected […]

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