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The Insanity That Keeps Us Sane

We’ve got some strange ways of dealing with violent thoughts. Hey, want to hear a cool story? In the 1280s, the Mongol warlord Hülegü Khan was getting ready to make war on the city of Baghdad — which was, at that time, the epicenter of the civilized world. The Khan sent a threat letter to the Caliph […]

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The “G” Word: “Gypsies” Aren’t Who You Think They Are

They’re called Roma, their culture is ancient and intriguing… and the word “gypsy” is a slur. All right my friends, let me tell you about “Gypsies” — or as they’re actually called, the Romani people, or simply the Roma. They’ve been in the news a few times lately for child abductions. They’ve got a reputation as musicians and […]

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