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Great Empires of Central Asia, Part 2: Thunder on the Steppe

Long before the Huns, or the Mongols, or the Aryans, a different people ruled the Eurasian plains. Meet the Andronovo people — inventors of thunderbolt-hurling sky gods. Imagine, if you can, a time long before Asia’s vast interior was crossed by railroads or telephone lines. Thousands of years before anyone dreamed of the Silk Route; […]

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Get Your Copy of "The Cradle and the Sword!"

Read Chapter 1 right nowfor FREE. A historical opera of sweeping proportions, The Cradle and the Sword hurtles the reader from the classical ages of Greece and Persia back into the mists of prehistory, chronicling the wars, intrigues, discoveries and triumphs of the world’s first great civilizations. A web of tales brings together an unforgettable […]

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The God Enki and the Ocean of Everywhen

How I used Sumerian art and ritual to tap into a limitless well of creativity In the spring of 2007, I had a nervous breakdown and stormed out of my job in advertising. I spent most of the next six months locked in my apartment, swinging wildly between shrieking panic and wordless lethargy. Once I’d […]

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