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Great Empires of Central Asia, Part 3: Pirates on a Sea of Grass

They drank, smoked, plundered, raided and traded their way across ancient Asia. Meet the Scythians — the deadliest crew you’ve ever wanted to party with. I’ve experienced some surprisingly intimate moments at archaeological museums around the world. When I gaze into the lifelike eyes of a statue like that of Ebih-Il, or stumble upon a […]

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The Giant-Kidnapping Prussian Emperor

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The Concubine Who Conquered China

She seduced princes, seized the imperial throne, and partied with a harem of hunky men. Meet the most powerful woman in Chinese history. An ancient Confucian saying held that a woman on the throne was as unnatural as “a hen crowing like a rooster.” And although talented women rose, at various points in China’s four-thousand-year […]

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