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Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Ben!

I write books and tell stories.

Ben Thomas in Mongolia, with a golden eagle and a giant statue of Genghis Khan.

I’ve written for Aeon, Scientific American, The Huffington Post, Discover Magazine, and many other outlets, on topics ranging from stone-age cannibalism to computerized brain mapping.

My Twitter is @WritingBen.

These days, I travel the world as a freelance writer. I’ve lived in Kenya, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, and more than 40 other countries. That photo on the right is from Mongolia, with a golden eagle and a giant statue of Genghis Khan!

I recently produced the fiction anthology Tales From OmniPark, set in a mysterious theme park haunted by sentient sea creatures, time-traveling siblings, creeping cosmic horrors, mad inventors, and other wonders stranger still.

I’ve also written a historical adventure novel, The Cradle and the Sword, set in ancient Mesopotamia — and edited a magazine of macabre neo-Victorian tales that has now become a hardcover book: The Willows Anthology.

I love to tell stories from the frontiers of science, history, culture and the cosmos — and the points where all these themes intersect.

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