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Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Ben!

My current project is the “Tales From OmniPark” Kickstarter.

I write books and tell stories.

Ben Thomas in Mongolia, with a golden eagle and a giant statue of Genghis Khan.
Me in Mongolia, with a golden eagle and a giant statue of Genghis Khan!

I’ve produced documentaries, founded and managed a neuroscience news agency called “The Connectome,” and launched and run a neo-Victorian art and fiction magazine called “The Willows,” which is now an illustrated anthology available in hardcover, paperback and PDF formats.

My ancient Mesopotamian historical fiction novel, The Cradle and the Sword, is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle formats.

These days, I travel the world as a freelance writer, and run a publishing firm called House Blackwood. I’ve lived in Mongolia, Kenya, Morocco, Turkey, and more than 40 other countries. I also speak eight languages (ask me to prove it)!

My Twitter is @writingben, and my Insta is @houseblackwood.

I’ve written for Aeon, Scientific American, The Huffington Post, Discover Magazine, and many other outlets, on topics ranging from cutting-edge brain interfaces to stone-age dialects.

I love to tell stories from the frontiers of science, history, culture and the cosmos — and the points where all these things intersect.

Want to collaborate with me?

I’m always open to meaningful, actionable ideas.

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